Venture-Shegaw-GuestHouseShegaw Tourism is preparing to open its first guest house, in the ‘Queen City of the Desert’ Dire Dawa. It is Ethiopia’s second largest city yet retains much of its relaxed and charming small town flair. If you decide to explore Dire Dawa and its surroundings, including nearby historic Harer, do let us take care of your reservation while in town and, be our guest to a great tasting “Pasta Al Forno” at our favorite local beer garden!



Shegaw Tourism is in discussions with a young female entrepreneur and helping to prepare a business plan to open a WiFi-Café in Addis Ababa – the first Shegaw Café !

Locations still need to be explored but once the doors open, complimentary cake and coffee will be served for our first guests!



Agriculture is the main stay of Ethiopia’s economy providing employment to some 80 per cent of the population. Ethiopia grows all types of cereals, fiber crops, oil seeds, coffee, tea, flowers, fruits and vegetables. The potentially irrigable land is estimated at 10 million hectares. Ethiopia has the largest livestock population in Africa. Considerable business opportunities exist in the production and processing of the above agricultural crops and resources. Investment in the provision of agricultural support services such as pest and disease control, technical consultancy, agricultural machinery, cold storage, transport and marketing services offer considerable scope.

At this time, Shegaw Agriculture is in an exploratory phase to identify small-scale, ecologically sound agricultural opportunities. The aim is to support a small group of reliable local farmers to increase their yields and to assist them in marketing their produce. We recognize that many farmers lack minimal resources for investing in their operations and that with some basic support, steady streams of quality, organic produce can be delivered. Our cooperation with such farmers will enable them to meet their own basic needs as well as generate profits for future investments. To the greatest extent possible, this should be done with sustainable agricultural practice in mind, through the efficient use of water and other inputs, and with the overall objective to increase resilience of vulnerable small-holders and producers.

Currently, Shegaw Agriculture is supporting small-scale goat herding/rearing, tef marketing and bee-keeping. In the longer term, ideally by providing facilitation/logistical/project services to NGOs attentive to rural development, Shegaw Agriculture can be a trusted ‘go-between’ to allow for direct assistance to  small-scale farmers to materialize. Such services would include making available to farmers, best-practices information for rural or agricultural development while drawing on their own, local expertise.

For now, Shegaw Agriculture continues its trial operations but also remains available to discuss new, initiatives by NGOs and private sector investors in support of small-scale, sustainable agriculture.

To further inform yourself of agricultural issues and debates, the Eldis resource guide offers many useful publications – http://www.eldis.org/go/topics/resource-guides/agriculture-and-food